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Project-based digital ink development for industrial printing applications

Enabling digitization of print for your product.

Turning your concept into digital print reality

In an industry characterized by rapid expansion and constant advancements, maintaining a competitive edge requires staying abreast of evolving technologies and meeting dynamic market demands. This is where digital printing emerges to offer tangible benefits for industrial applications.

For both existing and new industrial applications there are many different drivers for the digitization of print processes. From setup cost reduction, sustainability, reducing time to market, product customization, flexibility to produce low volumes for market testing, waste reduction, or integrating print inline with your manufacturing process.

Projects are potentially complex to implement, often with unique requirements. Success hinges on collaborating with technology suppliers experienced in adeptly managing the intricate integration of inkjet printing into manufacturing processes.

Enabling your inkjet application

Ink development for industrial inkjet projects presents challenges that must consider and balance a range of bespoke application needs, and ink interactions in the inkjet print system and pre- and post-processes.

As your ink partner, we collaborate with you and other technology suppliers to provide solutions that foster your success with inkjet technology.

Initiating conversations with us early in your development process ensures optimal performance and minimizes risks. Leveraging our comprehensive ink technology portfolio, we assist in transforming your product development into commercial reality and seizing the opportunities offered by industrial digitization.

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Unlock the potential of digital printing


Break through technical challenges

Our commitment to continuous research, development and innovation means that we can overcome technical challenges.


Project-Based Ink Development™

Our multi-disciplinary teams collaborate with you to develop custom solutions, considering the application and all ink interactions.


Making ink work for you

Our proven inkjet technology ensures the system and application reliability, scalability, consistency, and the commercial success of your products.

Technical capability to deliver your application

Integrating inkjet printing technology into industrial processes requires a broad range of skills and deep understanding. To deliver a robust, successful ink, you need a broad technology base to optimize the ink within the print system.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property, supported by extensive ink development expertise in UV, aqueous and hybrid ink technologies. Based on our experience, and technical capabilities we can meet your target specifications, and formulate the most suitable ink for your application.

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Collaborative, project-based development

Industrial printing applications are often unique and require very defined ink functionality and performance characteristics. This is why we offer a Project-Based Ink Development™ program with a multi-disciplinary approach that considers the requirements of your print system, processes and application.


Having the right ink robustness is crucial during your production process and the real-world use of your product. Our extensive experience working with OEMs, integrators and converters to develop complete inkjet solutions, with a deep understanding of the challenges of inkjet technology.

Ink is a critical component in your application

Taking your product to mass commercialization means ensuring it is stable in it’s real-world application environment, in shipping and in storage. For success, this requires a robust, consistent inkjet ink.

Through our global development and manufacturing infrastructure, we deliver quality assured product to the scale you need, with precise batch-to-batch consistency.

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Ceramic Inkjet

FUJIFILM’s Color+ UCI Ceramic Printing Inks, are low viscosity Solvent based pigmented ceramic inks in the ceramic Inkjet Printing industry. Color+ UCI Ceramic inks made with an inorganic pigment fraction that have Nano particle size distribution in a liquid suspension of low viscosity additives and solvents, appropriately formulated, to allow its application through drop-on-demand printing systems. The concept of the color scheme of ceramic inks, is based on the principle of the four color printing with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black known and used for all printings



• Maximum compatibility with the print head, improving its lifetime and reducing machine maintenance.

• Minimization of printing defects, banding, streaks, etc

• Reduction of ink consumption

• Increased machine productivity

• Inks suitable for all existing piezo print heads in the ceramic industry


Decorative Laminates


Imagine transforming your furniture, walls, or even countertops with stunning designs and finishes, all thanks to a revolutionary new material - inkjet decorative laminates. This innovative technology is shaking up the interior design world, offering endless possibilities for personalization and customization.

So, what exactly are inkjet decorative laminates? These laminates are thin, durable sheets typically made from plastic or wood composites. The magic lies in the application of high-quality inks using specialized inkjet printers. These printers utilize UV-curable or other fast-drying inks, creating vibrant and intricate designs directly onto the laminate surface.

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