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Why Fujifilm Sericol India Inkjet and Analog Inks

If you are looking to create the best products for digital and analaog printing you need to team up with experts for success.


Expert partner

Dear Business Partners,
Infinite Solutions” - we mean it!

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Dr Prasanna Raghav Rao Motupalli

 Managing Director

 Fujifilm Sericol India Pvt Ltd


Over the years, we have remained committed to accelerating
the boundaries of innovation in the ink industry. Our dedicated
team of experts has tirelessly worked to develop cutting-edge
technologies and formulations that not only meet but exceed
the evolving demands of our domestic and global customers.
We have recently launched a series of new ink products
that embody our dedication to quality, performance, and
environmental responsibility. These innovations have been
carefully crafted to address the unique challenges faced by our
customers across various sectors, and I am confident they will
set new benchmarks in the ink industry.
At Fujifilm Sericol India our success is driven by our unwavering
focus on customer satisfaction. We understand that every
client has distinct requirements, and we pride ourselves on our
ability to tailor solutions that perfectly align with their needs.
Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service
remains as strong as ever.
In addition to our product innovations, we have also made
significant strides in sustainable manufacturing practices. We
are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment and are
actively working towards minimizing our ecological footprint.
Through rigorous research and investment in eco-friendly
We aim to contribute positively to a greener future as we are
deeply committed to the Fujifilm group’s sustainability vision
and ambitious plan for 2030.
We hope that this booklet will give you a quick insight into
the infinite solutions that are at your service for myriad Digital
inkjet printing applications.

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