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Making ink technologies part of the sustainable solution

Our commitment to ambitious sustainability goals and supporting our customers in meeting theirs.

Our sustainability mission

At FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group, we believe a sustainable world is fundamental to a healthy future for our business, customers, communities and employees.

As a major global producer of inkjet inks and dispersions, we are integrating sustainability deeply into our business, to reduce the environmental impact of our own production and operations, and to develop products and services that ensure our customers can deliver on their sustainability commitments.

At the heart of our approach is Fujifilm’s “Green Value Climate Change Strategy”, built on the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provides a shared blueprint for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Protecting the planet


Energy conservation

We are driven to provide high quality ink and dispersions technologies that help make a better world. At Fujifilm, we protect our planet and the future, looking at the same time after the success of our customers.

Contributing to a low-carbon society

Through digitisation, sustainability, and innovation, we are progressing with our commitment to advance towards a Circular Economy. Eliminating waste and pollution, choosing responsible sourcing, circulating materials, preserving resources, collaborate on recycling and renewable solutions, are crucial priorities for our organisation. By striving to minimize our impact across the entire value chain, we contribute to a low-carbon society. In a Circular Economy we must tackle climate change, pollution, waste, and biodiversity loss.

Supporting innovation in print

Our Group is focusing on creating a better future where all of us and the planet thrive by using less energy and water, generating less waste, and producing more sustainable products to support innovation in print. Creating ink technologies for our customers to be commercially successful in digital print, alongside the efforts to mitigate our environmental impact, are key pillars of our development as a company.


Minimizing the environmental impact of our operations


Carbon Emission

   To be sustainable commercially our organisation needs to be sustainable    environmentally. We’re setting ambitious goals across our facilities to optimise our operations. We are evaluating our global environmental footprint at an operational and product level, working with our Operations teams across our global sites to:

  • Reduce carbon footprint

  • Reduce energy consumption

  • Increase use of renewable energy

  • Reduce water usage

  • Reduce waste

  • Partnerships bring results.                                                                                                         

Sustainability is the area where cooperation, synergy and mutual efforts must be joined. Each stakeholder in the supply chain is responsible for being part of the sustainable solution. Our collaborative approach with customers enables us to deliver more sustainable technology solutions. Being a part of organizations like the 4evergreen alliance, BCF, or EUPIA, and looking at the life-cycle of fibre-based packaging, enables us to collaborate with other suppliers across the whole value chain.    

Product development

Progressive product development

We are driving innovation and digitization through the ink technology to help customers meet their sustainability targets, to enable brands, and the print industry to innovate in sustainable approaches through the value chain. Leveraging and expanding our technology portfolio enables safer, and more sustainable products. Our research and development teams are working hard to develop future products.


“Developing products which can minimise our impact on the environment by considering what, where and how we source our raw materials, the optimisation of production processes to reduce our carbon footprint, and the contribution we can make to assist in the re-use or recycling of printed materials is a worthy technical challenge to embed into the next generation of inkjet inks.”

Angelique Runacre, Technical Manager – Research and Development


Our collaborative approach with our customers and the industry enables us achieve the best solutions for sustainability. Working together can evolve in new circular strategies, from ink or dispersion design and formulation, to production, supply, and reuse or recycling of printed materials. That’s why we make sure we are part of alliances like 4evergreen, so we can ensure ink is contributing to the solution.

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