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Label and Package Printing Solutions

Fujifilm is widely recognized as a key supplier to the International Labels and Packaging market. The launch of the Sericol range of high-performance inks has set new standards in high-definition flexo /Screen/Letterpress/Offset printing with print results previously unattainable with these technologies. Sericol UV curing and Aqueous Label Inks provide strong and vibrant colors,  allowing the production of high-quality label prints while minimizing costs.


Fujifilm offers a wide range of solutions for label and packaging like UV Flexo inks(JD/RVA), Aqueous(JAF/JAP), UV Letterpress Inks(LP), and UV Offset Inks(SOF), Waterless Offset Inks(WLO) & Dry Offset inks(DOF). Moving Ahead with time we also offer the label and packaging converters UV LED Flexo Inks(JJ) and indirect food grain Inks(JF).


The novel chemistry used to create Sericol inks makes it suitable for creating a wide range of applications like self-adhesive labels, unsupported films, and shrink sleeve labels.

One of the most popular products is Sericol Supernova white, an ultra opaque UV-Flexo white with excellent opacity and over printability, with good flow property and adhesion to synthetic substrates.

Micro-V dispersion Technology :


Fujifilm’s Sericol  inks have been developed using innovative Micro-V dispersion technology that allows ultra-high pigment loading while maintaining good viscosity and flow. This technology is combined with quality driven, process-controlledontrolled manufacturing to ensure that inks are produced to the same high quality every time.

Key benefits that this technology offers include:
  1. High color strength, so inks are economical in use.
  2. Fast curing, allowing high throughput.
  3. Optimized viscosity and flow, improving the appearance of the finished print.
  4. Consistent, reliable performance
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