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Research & Development

Fujifilm Sericol India launched a state-of-the-art R&D Innovation Centre on 8th October 2019, which was inaugurated by its former Chairman- Mr Rob Fassam in the presence of the Managing Director- Dr Prasanna Raghav Rao Motupalli, Executive Director- Mr. Lasantha Peiris, Vice President- Mr. Rajesh Gandhi along with the company Professionals.


We believe R&D to be an important pillar for providing innovative solutions, that are synonymous with excellent printing ink quality and are known to develop competitive products regularly for the printing industry. The company has laid down a framework to innovate eco-friendly printing solutions, introduce good quality cost-effective products, and customize products for special printing applications.


Armed with over 20 patents under its name our omnipresent R&D team and the technically versatile sales teams we have always been a step ahead of our peers in the printing industry.  With our marketing model of always be at the customer doorstep, never being shy attitude to visit and attend to customer/s queries and inquiries armed with not only the sales persons but also with a back-up team of R&D chemists and technical experts, has always been the comfort to all of our customers.


With our fully pledged training center for screen and Digital application, we have managed to take the service level of our customers to the highest podium.  FSID R&D facility is recognized and certified by DSIR, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Government of India, Ministry of Science and technology has no doubt instilled immense confidence and un-paralleled position

within our peers in the ink industry.

Digital Lab

Digital Lab Consist of 2 Parts:

                                                 1.  Digital Inks/Inkjet Inks

                                                  2.  Analog Inks, Chemicals & Emulsions 

  • This Lab is Equipped with latest machines & Equipment's & Instruments to Test the Performance   our Digital /Inkjet Inks & Screen Prints (Such as Solvent based, water based & UV Based and Plastisol Inks) . On various Substrate

  • In this digital lab we thoroughly check our products which goes through rigorous testing parameters to have the consistence in batch wise productions of our Inks & chemicals.

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