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Fujifilm Sericol India has been a pioneer in bringing new & innovative products for printing/decorating garments to the international standards of most reputed global garment brands. These wide ranges of Textile inks are designed for decorating on a wide range of garment and clothing materials including Cotton, Polyester, Cotton and Polyester mixes, Lycra, Nylon, Acrylic, and Silk. Additives are also available to create a wide range of special effects.

Also on offer are Textile Transfer Systems which provide comprehensive solutions for customizing and decorating garments. These systems comprise inks, adhesive,s, and additives to produce a variety of transfer types, including Tagless labels.

In addition to the normal plastisol inks, the wide product range includes “Phthalate free” inks and “PVC and Phthalate free” water-based, solvent-based as well as plastisol inks, supplied along with a number of special effect additives such as metallics, puff additives, glitter and glow in the dark Inks.

The latest addition to the wide range of products that are already on offer is the Eco-solvent Digital Sublimation inks for direct as well as transfer printing.

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