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Transfer Printing Inks & Papers/Film


Fujifilm Sericol India has been a pioneer in bringing new & innovative products for printing/decorating garments to the international standards of most reputed global garment brands. These wide ranges of Textile inks are designed for decorating on a wide range of garment and clothing materials including Cotton, Polyester, Cotton and Polyester mixes, Lycra, Nylon, Acrylic, and Silk. Additives are also available to create a wide range of special effects.

Textile Transfer Systems provides comprehensive solutions for customizing and decorating garments. These systems comprise inks, adhesives, and additives to produce a variety of transfer types, including Tagless labels.

Our offer is complete with range of Transfer Papers, PET Films & a Range of hot Melt Powders. A global presence in the Tagless Labels with our Plastisol  Ink Ranges that suits the heights RSL standards of niche brands makes us a Market leader in this segment .

Transfer Paper

PET Transfer Film

Adhesive & Powder
Printable Adhesive :
Hot Melt Powder :
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