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Sustainable digitization

Supporting you through the complex journey to print digitization.


The drive to digitize

The print industry is on a fast track to digitization. Sustainability, customization and the need for efficiency are all driving this race. And you don’t want to be left behind. But digital print development and adoption can be complex and takes time.

So how do you design and develop your print system to achieve the exact results you are looking for?


Ink is an enabler

Ink is an enabling technology to make your next generation of print applications possible. In fact, it’s where the journey to digitization starts. Because specifying the right ink is critical to your success.

That’s why the ink you choose needs to be developed in harmony with all the components of your new print system. Right from day one.

Collaborate to innovate

To succeed with meeting the goals of your digital print system, you need to work with specialist partners. Experts who will pool their knowledge in printhead technology, in curing, software, and in ink chemistry.

Our expertise in inkjet ink is unrivalled. Collaborative partnerships are our core focus. If you are on a journey to create the best digital printing products, we will deliver the high-performance ink technology that meets your exact requirements.


Your expert partner in ink

Fujifilm has a long history of developing world-leading technologies to help drive inkjet into the future. Thanks to our global team of experts in ink, our dedicated development facilities and the scale of our manufacturing resources, no inkjet ink project is too large or too complex.

The result?
Inkjet ink optimized to work perfectly with your system and performance in real-world applications.

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