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Emulsions Solutions Product

In 1990, Fujifilm Sericol was given the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement in acknowledgment of its pioneering work with screen-printing emulsions – specifically, the development of the DIRASOL 900 range of diazo photopolymer emulsions.

These advanced products answered customer needs for a range of stencil emulsions that would work with all the ink systems, compete for quality with photo stencil films, and were easy to process. This world-beating Dirasol range of emulsions had a great impact on print quality and they continue to cater to all screen printer’s requirements from graphic to textile printing. Fujifilm Sericol has recently introduced the EMU series of emulsions. The latest in line is EMU033, EMU034, and EMU014 Emulsion for Textile Printing. Emulsions have resistant to solvent-based, conventional UV, water-based UV, Water-based Inks, and Plastisol Inks.

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