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Updated: Apr 29

FSID believes the method of Ecological balance the harmonious relationship between living things—including people, plants, and animals—and their surroundings.

To evolve the pattern of Sustainability FSID is taking the best steps where we count Plant parenting can bring a revolution for a sustainable tomorrow.

Plant parenting is an initiative launched by FSID to improve the environment surrounding the factory setup and to serve a vital role in sustainability. This culture involves taking care of the plants we grow for everyone. It is centered around the individual birthday timeline, wherein each employee receives a plant from the company and is asked to set up within a 500-meter radius. After that, they are responsible for taking care of the plants.

The equilibrium between living things, including people, plants, and animals, and their surroundings, or FSID, is shifting in the direction of a GREEN CHANGE. This encourages others to join the green movement and make increasingly sustainable contributions for a better tomorrow.

Relationship equilibrium is a sign of a desirable and healthy environmental equilibrium. Because they are the most intelligent species among living things, humans are essential to preserving ecological balance.

The global climate patterns have completely changed, and the only reason for this is that human activity has increased pollution. The main causes of this are growing industrialization, deforestation, and fuel consumption for machinery, cars, and airplanes. High levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are the result. There is no doubt that a rise in temperature increases the probability of severe storms and catastrophic weather patterns.




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